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Genuine Scooter Company - Home of the Buddy
        Buddy by Genuine Scooter Company!!

How excellent is this scooter?  Buddy by Genuine Scooter Co. is the cutest and most competent motorscooter ever!  She's a 125 cc scooter and can travel at 55 miles per hour.  OR she's a 170 cc scooter and can zip along a bit faster. Whew!  She looks so little and cute but she'll blow you away.  She gets terrific gas mileage. She's manufactured in Taiwan where scooters rule! (we love Taiwan!) Base Price is $2799 for the 125cc and $3299 for the 170cc. (By the way, this is Hayley and Meg on their own scooters. That's why they look so happy.)

Here's a very nice review of the new Buddy 170. It made me want to take one out immediately. Caution! You may feel the same way. 


Oh boy!! Here's the Buddy 170!! Beautiful! With electronic fuel-injection and great brakes and terrific gas mileage.
Base Price $3299





The Pamplona Buddy 170!!  Can you see the Spanish bulls?  Hear the crowds roar?
Here's the Italia Buddy 170. Mmmmmm. Moonlight shining on the Coliseum. Sipping vino in a cafe.


Come in and visit   and we bet you'll like what you see.  After you ride one, you'll like it even more!


And if you'd like to dress up your Buddy, we have lots of pretty chrome available.

Genuine has also brought us a 50cc Buddy.  So if you need a sweet little 35 mph scooter, come and visit the Buddy 50.


And there's Stella!! The only vintage, modern scooter on the market. Now it's got a new 4-stroke engine! Go see it here:


        But wait!  There's more! 


There is something so entertaining about the Roughhouse 50cc scooter.  It's light and nimble with a quick 50cc 2 stroke engine.  And with rough terrain tires and decent ground clearance, you can take her off-road! Base Price $1999.

On Jay Leno's Garage, Jay discusses the Genuine Black Jack 150. Watch the program here. 


visit Genuine's very entertaining web site and get even more info on their excellent scooters.