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Piaggio - Italian and beautiful

Rinaldo Piaggio produced the first Vespa motor scooter in 1946. The rest is history and now Centaur Cycles & Scooters is part of that history.  Vespa is a subsidiary of Piaggio (as are Moto Guzzi and Aprilia).  Piaggio produces beautiful, innovative, economical motor scooters under the name Piaggio.
                                Piaggio Fly 50 (Base Price $2199)   
                                Piaggio Fly 150 (Base Price $2899)
                         Piaggio Typhoon 50 (Base Price $1899)
                         Piaggio Typhoon 125 (Base Price $2699)

And here is the stunning BV 350, stylish as only the Italians can design it. We think this is the most beautiful scooter anyone ever made. Good handling, fast, nimble and gorgeous. It has a brand new, fuel-injected 350 cc Piaggio engine.

                                             Base Price $5699


Here's Piaggio's MP3 - three wheel motorscooter!! This vehicle provides terrific handling, stability and safety. It has independently suspended front wheels. Its braking is unbelievably good.  It's actually easier to stop quickly on an MP3 than on any two-wheeler. And it is so cool looking! Motorcycle USA did a nice review of the MP3. Check it out.


The MP3 handles like a top quality motorcycle, not a trike. You get the fun of cornering and braking on a motorcycle. The Piaggio MP3 comes as either a 250, 400 or 500cc machine. Base Price $7100, $8699, $8800. (The MP3s are available by special order)

Here're a pair of MP3's cornering under fairly nasty conditions. No problem!


Here're some tech pictures of the workings of the MP3:     



And we can install a beautiful Piaggio Top Case on the back of your BV 350.


 For lots more information on Piaggio scooters, visit Piaggio's web site.